Friday, December 13, 2019

Tree Trimming, Making Wooden Bowls

In the midst of the Peace of the Christmas Season, we've still been busy with life. Some things just need to get done and we've had to prioritize so as to not become overwhelmed and still be able to focus on what matters most.

We've had a tree in our front yard that is big and beautiful in the Spring but very messy and difficult in the fall. We've also got a steep driveway that we need to add stairs to so as to not fall when it's icy. (yes, that happened last year.) We concurred that we'd have to remove the tree to make way for a walkway and widening of the drive. So, that's what we've been doing the past several days. It's been a lot of hard work out in the cold, but...good to finally get it done.

Yesterday, we took a huge load to the landfill and made friends with several others' doing the same thing.  :)  And, I posted 'FREE" on our local FB marketplace groups, for the good firewood, and had about 12 people respond wanting it, two of whom were making wooden bowls and one, wooden spoons.

It's always thrilling to know that people appreciate something of great value and will make good use of it. That's been a good lesson of this experience and something we hope to never take for granted; that all things can serve a purpose and when we might not have use for something, someone else may.