Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Resolutions or Goals

It's often a daily resolve to try to do better. I'm not going to talk about goals on here except to say that I know they are VERY important; and that specific and measurable goals bring specific and measurable results. Rather, I'm going to talk about the importance of trying to gain salvation and the inherit blessings with that.

My husband and I have been serving as full-time Senior Missionaries for the past 16 months in the Florida, Tallahassee area. We're living in a place called Fort Walton Beach, working with the hispanic community. We love them, care about them and want eternal blessings for them.

One of the saddest things we see is that not all people desire to progress in the way that would benefit them. Some are content or complacent in their poverty or misery or 'the way things have always been done'.

We know that there are many teachings and resources that could bless their lives, strengthen their homes and families, help them economically, and lift them to a better place emotionally and spiritually. But, if they don't choose to make efforts to improve; things will remain the same.

This is a good message for all of us. The Lord has provided every means for us to overcome all things, to strengthen our homes, families, marriages, to manage our temporal resources wisely, to learn and grow and progress and develop our gifts and talents, to repent and forgive and find peace,  and to make covenants which bring eternal blessings. But, it is up to us if we choose that path or not.

Covenants are are the path to salvation. Without them we are not able to gain the kind of salvation that will allow us to live in His presence again someday.

("A covenant is a sacred agreement between God and a person or group of people. God sets specific conditions, and He promises to bless us as we obey those conditions. When we choose not to keep covenants, we cannot receive the blessings, and in some instances we suffer a penalty as a consequence of our disobedience.") See Covenant
My hope in this coming year is for all of us to continue to strive to do better, to be kinder to one another, to love and serve others', to share in one anothers' burdens and successes', to lift each other to a higher plane and grow closer to the Lord whose plan of happiness is His precious gift to all of us.