Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Young Mothers - Challenges and Blessings

My 21 year-old recently returned missionary daughter, Ashley, was asked to watch three young neighbor children today for a few hours today. Their mother has been very ill and in need of some rest and healing. Ashley was going to take them to feed the ducks at the BYU-'duck' Pond, do some finger-painting, and take them to play in the park.

I am grateful for her willingness to serve and it reminded me of one of the times I was the recipient of some very needed help.

It was nearly 20 years ago when I was a recently separated mother of three young children. I was going through extremely difficult emotional and financial challenges. Some days I wondered how I would make it. We had been blessed to be able to live in my grandmothers' 100+ year old home (instead of them tearing it down) while we figured out our next steps.

We never thought we'd find ourselves in such difficult and sometimes heart-wrenching circumstances but we attended church each week and I was doing the best I could to love and care for and nurture my children, all the while I was suffering greatly from huge life changes and challenges.

I will never forget the day when a lady in our ward (church congregation) with small children of her own, called me and asked if she could take my three children (ages 6, 4 and 3) for a few hours so that I could have a little time for myself. It was truly a God-send. She came and got them, took them to her place and with her little family, and gave me some greatly needed time to rest and be alone.

In all the things I have experienced and suffered in life, I consider that sweet act of mercy on her part - to be one of the most meaningful and important in my life. I was greatly in need and she either had seen that or had had a prompting to help me. 

I will never forget her kindness as it helped me know that my Heavenly Father was aware of me and had answered my need through a beautiful sister who ministered unto me. That was life-changing for me and gave me a needed break and boost to continue on.