Wednesday, November 2, 2016

'Unschooling' and Why I Love and Recommend Homeschooling for LDS Families

These are my beliefs on the vital roles of mothers in the upbringing of their precious children. I spoke last year at the Agency-Based Education Conference in Provo, Utah on my assigned topic of 'unschooling' - which was sort of what we did over the past twenty years.

I have strong feelings/beliefs about the sanctity of the family, the importance of education, the vital need we have to heed prophetic counsel as we strive to bring up our children in light and truth.

This video is a compilation of my many years of research and study, prayer and pondering and how the Lord blessed our family as we sought His guidance each year of their 'education'.

They are all now grown (ages 22, 20, 19) and I feel even more strongly now that as we truly seek for the best learning environments for our families, homeschooling is a good option for many. I know that all can't, but, many can, and I hope and pray that this presentation may be of some benefit to you.

-Heidi Hendricks
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Also, here's a local homeschooling site that I made a few years ago (but haven't been able to keep-up); it's accompanying Facebook group has over 1,200 local families who share ideas and cooperate in sharing curriculum and other ideas. There are many excellent resources available for families wanting an option to meet needs of their children. I truly do recommend homeschooling for LDS families as a beautiful option in the rearing of God-fearing, liberty-loving, youth of a noble birthright, to prepare them for the days ahead.