Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Passing of Stacey Benson Bown

The past few days have been difficult and tender ones for me.  My dear and sweet friend, Stacey Benson Bown passed from this mortal existence into the next, Oct. 3, 2015.  It was in a tragic and unexpected way, which rattles the soul, and I have sought solace and comfort from the Lord in knowing and understanding more about this.

Left: Stacey Benson Bown at High School Reunion - 2014 (with Vonda Skousen Teichert - right)

Stacey and I grew up together.  We were neighbors, friends, and in the same ward (church congregation.)  In Junior High she was my best friend for a year or two - and we shared some of our youthful 'crushes' and hopes and dreams together.  She was an accomplished gymnast and I remember how happy she was when Carl G. told her that she was the best he'd ever seen.

My heart goes out to her family; her husband and children, her parents and siblings, and so many friends and co-workers her life touched.

More than ever before I've come to realize how the life of each of us - affects those around us.

Stacey's influence was one of good cheer.
Even in her darkest hours, she seemed to have the gift of looking for the good and taking things in her stride.  She was bubbly, cheerful and happy; a beautiful woman.

I miss her.  I feel a great sense of loss.  Yet, I know I will see her again someday, and that's the only comfort I can find at this time.

My thoughts and prayers (along with those of many friends and classmates) go out to her family.  They must be suffering tremendously.  We all pray they may be comforted and helped and strengthened during this time which is so painful and shocking.

I love you, Stacey, and pray for those you love.
I hope you are well and happy and meeting those you knew in life.  There are so many who have gone before.  I hope they greeted you warmly and welcomed you to your Heavenly Home.  What a blessing that must be.


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