Wednesday, August 26, 2015

7 Things to Do Today for Greater Peace

At the top of my planner each day I write the things that are most needful for me to do.  Heading the list are the things of the greatest worth that help keep me balanced and focused on what matters most.

I've found that if I don't keep balanced - I start to sink.  So, here are 7 things that help me maintain a healthy equilibrium and bring me greater peace.

Sailing Over Indian Ocean
1. Sincere Prayer - to start the morning
2. Meditation - a must, to 'be still' and listen quietly to answers I seek
3. Scripture Study - needful and cherished.  I have come to love them the more I read!  Truly!
4. A Daily Walk with God - a treasured experience (at least 15-20 minutes around the park)
5. Eat well, live well.  Increasingly understood as to the importance of fresh and natural foods
6. Forgive; everyone for everything.  Not always easy but a huge load removed when I do
7. Breathe deeply - My body reminds me to do this when needed.  It truly helps to calm and regroup

These are basic foundations for the rest of the day.
They are truly needful as I desire to be whole and happy.