Thursday, July 9, 2015

We are to be Teachers, Come from God

 “Effective teaching is the very essence of 
leadership in the Church.” 

“Effective teaching is the very essence of leadership in the Church. Eternal life will come only as men and women are taught with such effectiveness that they change and discipline their lives. They cannot be coerced into righteousness or into heaven. They must be led, and that means teaching.” - Pres. Hinckley

We must revitalize and re-enthrone superior teaching in the Church—at home, from the pulpit, in our administrative meetings, and surely in the classroom.


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"Satan is certainly not subtle in his teachings; why should we be? Whether we are instructing our children at home or standing before an audience in church, let us never make our faith difficult to detect. Remember—we are to be teachers “come from God.” Never sow seeds of doubt. Avoid self-serving performance and vanity. Prepare lessons well. Give scripturally based sermons. Teach the revealed doctrine. Bear heartfelt testimony. Pray and practice and try to improve." - Jeffrey R. Holland 

President Spencer W. Kimball once pled: “Stake presidents, bishops, and branch presidents, please take a particular interest in improving the quality of teaching in the Church. … I fear,” he said, “that all too often many of our members come to church, sit through a class or a meeting, and … then return home having been largely [uninspired]. It is especially unfortunate when this happens at a time … of stress, temptation, or crisis [in their life]. We all need to be touched and nurtured by the Spirit,” he said, “and effective teaching is one of the most important ways this can happen. We often do vigorous work,” President Kimball concluded, “to get members to come to Church but then do not adequately watch over what they receive when they do come.”

At 'Mormon Moms' we invite all to consider our personal responsibilities to teach; those in our homes and families, in our church responsibilities, and in the community.  As we seek to know and do His will we will be blessed for our efforts and our personal joy in doing so will increase.

As Elder Packer so aptly taught; we are all teachers.

Here are some ways to improve our that teaching.  Teaching, No Greater Call