Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Planner and....A Few Favorite Quotes:

Today, as I look down at my daily planner (a simple notebook) I notice some small attached post-its along with a page filled with inspirational quotes, that I refer to frequently, to keep me on the right path.

My simple little planner....

I've tried all sorts of planners over the years and have found that I function best with pen and paper, and in being able to see what I need to do at-a-glance.

I've also found that I love to be reminded of favorite scriptural passages as I go about my day.  They keep me in remembrance of what matters most and how I should best spend my time.

I also like the fact that I can be flexible with my day.  If I have written down the things I need to do, with dots by the ones needing to be done today, then, I can work towards those with the Spirit as my guide.  And, oftimes, some things don't get done, but others' do.

Anyway, here's my planner, sectioned off, with a few pages of important information in the front, followed by favorite quotes, daily tasks, budget, and gifts ideas (on the very last page.)  Over the years I've simplified a lot and this is what works best for me.

Here are a few of the quotes that I often refer to.  Hope you enjoy:

-Love, Forgive, Serve
-Be Kind
-Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God, through the testimony of the Servants of God.
-The Words of Christ will tell you ALL things that ye should do.
-Tell HIS-story.
-Manna = God is provider of ALL our daily sustenance.
-He is the SOURCE of ALL our blessings.
-Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness....
-If your Eye be Single to my Glory....
-Meek and Lowly
-Does this - Enrich my life, Strengthen my character, Qualify me for Celestial Exaltation?
-Everything you put into your body (and mind) - matters.
-Be Ye Clean.
-In ALL things - Give Thanks!
-Whatever ye Believe, that shall ye Receive.
- I Choose...
-And your whole labor shall be in Zion....D&C 30:11
-Do not look back.
-Put God First.  All the other stuff doesn't matter.
-The Spirit is a live, tangible energy.
-What emotion is my body trying to express?
-Harmony, Humility, Healing
-Make Home a Heaven on Earth.
-Exercise is the fountain of youth.
-Reach out to others' in love.
-Live within means.
-'We will brave the tempest longer, tho the world upon us frown'. (Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Morning.'
-Food is the most powerful medicine on the planet.
-Stand Behind Convictions.
-Walk with God.
-Christ is The Law.  He gave it and embodies it's principles.
-The Great objective of ALL our work is to build Character and increase faith in the lives of those whom we serve.
-We should rely on the Comforter who knows ALL things.
-Repent and Forgive!
-It is through thoughts, beliefs and intentions that all things happen.
-Love God with ALL heart, might, mind, strength.
-Believe and Be Grateful!
-ALL He did - was a Gift of LOVE!
-There is GREAT Power in the Priesthood.  It is the consummate power on the earth.
-Look for the Good in People.
-Love Heals
-All He requires is to Keep His Commandments.  Mosiah 2:22
-Never look for gain, power, popularity, or lusts of the flesh.
-Exercise produces blood flow to the brain.
-Love Him.
-The Spirit of Christ is A LIGHT.  (Elder Packer)
-Be Pure, Meek, Innocent, Clean, Loving.
-When we humble ourselves, the Spirit will always tell us what is right.  -Spencer J. Condie
-The GREATEST single lesson we can learn in this life is that - When God speaks and a man obeys, that man will ALWAYS be RIGHT.

-Labor with the hands is as honorable as labor with the head, but labor with the heart, when the heart is pure and true, is the noblest labor of all. - Karl G. Maeser