Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Unselfish! New Book by Paul D. Parkinson

Today we spotlight an INCREDIBLE newly-released book by Paul D. Parkinson.  It's entitled "Unselfish" and is definitely worth the read!    - Unselfish.

In our day we often see growing selfishness (including 'selfies') that overtake much of the social media - especially affecting our youth.  Sadly, it's often become 'all about me' instead of looking out for and caring for our fellowman.

My own teenage daughter doesn't even like to go on Facebook much anymore as the posts are often self-centered rather than 'other centered'.

This book highlights 99 beautiful stories of regular people who 'unselfishly' are making a difference in the world for other human beings; some of those who are the oft-neglected in our society.

Here are a few highlights:
Scott Neeson, Hollywood Exec., who left it all to help the poverty-stricken children in Cambodia.
Devin Hibbard - helping women out of poverty in the Ugandan slums with "BeadforLife",
Nick Silverio - helping to save innocent and helpless newborns; 'A Safe Haven for Newborns."
Alex Radelich - ARK project Now - Promoting Random Acts of Kindness countrywide.
'Angels' in the canyon saving children from a car accident in the river.
Nate Shapiro rescuing tens of thousands from persecution in Ethopia.
SuEllen Fried - the "Prison Grandma' who has hugged more prisoners than she can count and has
     helped them prepare them to be good citizens when they are released.
Kaitlyn Mercy - Project HOPE - rescuing many from the horrendous crime of human trafficking.
Don and Laurie Schoendorfer - producing and providing over 822,000 low cost wheelchairs to those
     suffering in 91 countries.

And....many other selfless doctors, nurses, teachers, athletes, parents, grandparents, siblings, children, mechanics, small business owners, chefs, instructors.  It is definitely worth the read and we honor Paul D. Parkinson for compiling the stories.

In a day where the news is most often about terror and trauma - we are able to change the pace and focus on what matters most; the lives of other human beings; our brothers and sisters across the world - and....perhaps it will inspire us to do a bit (or a whole lot) better ourselves.

The Theme of this book could be summed up as:


Let us seek to do that ourselves and to recognize and acknowledge SO MUCH GOOD that is happening in our homes, neighborhoods, communities and....around the world.

Our hats off to all those in this book - as well as to many of you who are finding way to uplift, bless, and strengthen others'!

Thank you for living your lives to bless and help those who otherwise might not survive.