Thursday, May 7, 2015

One of the Hardest Days of My Life!!! :)

I was sorting a bookshelf this morning, downsizing and discarding, in preparation for a long-awaited move and found this precious note.  It was from many years ago, and from my, then, young son.  I can laugh at it now, and he would, too, that point it was REALLY a hard day for him.

I'm sure that now, as he's currently serving as a missionary, his hard days are much different than not wanting to go to school because he didn't get a cat :)  -'s probably true that some people are still 'mean' to him and that, some days, missionaries still do get doors slammed in their sincere faces when all they are trying to do is to share the truth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and help people find more peace and happiness than they ever thought possible.

I'm posting this today just because I thought it was really sweet and....time can give us all a new perspective.

I felt great compassion for him at that time - because he really was going through some hard things, as do we all.  We need to show empathy and kindness with one another in our trials - even if theirs don't seem nearly as difficult as ours.  :)  Perhaps ours don't seem all that difficult for them.  :)

Each of us will 'get' to go through things most difficult for us as we strive to 'overcome all things'.  It's a blessing that we can learn from and love one another through it all.

With love,