Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marriage Therapy for Issues of Intimacy and Sexual Addiction

As most of you know we are very careful as to what we post on here.  We get lots of requests to help people with their books, music, crafts etc.  Over the years we've had to limit those outreaches because of time constraints and also because we are very careful as to posting things of light and truth that bless, strengthen and uplift.

Marriage is ordained of God

That being said, we know that many are dealing with all sort of issues in their marriages.  Most of us are aware of the power of the adversary whose desire is to destroy homes and families.

As a site that seeks to share messages of hope that Strengthen Home and Family - we are particular to sharing truths from the brethren, the scriptures, and as guided by the Holy Spirit.

Keeping that in mind, we agreed to post a message from a therapist with offices in Provo and SLC, UT who specializes in helping couples dealing with issues that affect their marital intimacy, including those with sexual addictions.

We can't personally endorse this therapist - but...told him that we would share his book and his website in hopes that it might be of help to someone.

As in all things, we strongly urge you to seek the Spirit's guidance in all that you do and in seeking the right path for you if you are looking for help.  There are many church resources available to those dealing with these types of issues and we know that the Lord would like to bless your sacred union - and He will do so as you turn to Him humbly and sincerely, seeking His guidance.

Book; What Your Parents Didn't Tell You; an LDS Guide
Website: Couples Healing; Intimacy/Sexual Therapy

About Dr. Anthony Hughes:

Dr. Hughes is an LDS therapist, author, professor, and business owner. He recently wrote the book What Your Parents Didn't Tell You about Sex: An LDS Guide to Sexual Intimacy and has offices in Utah and Salt Lake County where they specialize in sex therapy. He is a graduate of BYU's Ph.D. marriage and family therapy program and has taught sex therapy at BYU and is a faculty member at Argosy University teaching courses on human sexuality.