Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Living the Law of Consecration and Building Up Zion

In our home we've been doing an in-depth study of the Law of Consecration and what it really means for us today.  Here, we share a few of our favorite messages in hopes that you, too, will make this a sincere study as "Zion cannot be built up unless it is by the principles of the law of the celestial kingdom..." D&C 105:5

“The word stewardship calls to mind the Lord’s law of consecration (see, for example, D&C 42:32, 53), which has an economic role but, more than that, is an application of celestial law to life here and now (see D&C 105:5)… True success in this life comes in consecrating our lives—that is, our time and choices—to God’s purposes (see John 17:1, 4; D&C 19:19). In so doing, we permit Him to raise us to our highest destiny.” (Reflections on a Consecrated Life – Elder D. Todd Christofferson)

White Sego Lily - State Flower
Law of Consecration - Scriptural Passages 
Living the Principles of the Law of Consecration
Swallowed Up in the Will of the Father - Neal A Maxwell
Consecrate Thy Performance - Neal A Maxwell 
Settle This in Your Hearts - Neal A Maxwell
Reflections on a Consecrated Life - D. Todd Christofferson
Obedience, Consecration and Sacrifice - Bruce R. McConkie 
Opportunities to Do Good - President Henry B. Eyring 
Are We Not All Beggars - Jeffrey R. Holland
D&C Student Manual - Consecration and Stewardship
Gospel Doctrine Teachers Manual - Law of Consecration
Old Testament Study Guide - Be Holy for I am Holy

BYU Speeches:
The Law of Consecration  - Victor L. Brown
Moving Toward and Under the Law of Consecration - Alvin R. Dyer
Law of Consecration - Hugh Nibley (Approaching Zion)
What is Zion?  A Distant View - Hugh Nibley (Approaching Zion)

The Doctrine and Covenants is the handbook for building Zion, and the revelations recorded therein are as timely and applicable in the current day as they were when Jesus Christ gave them to the Prophet Joseph Smith and others. (capsulized sentiment from Sunday School General Presidency)

Symbolism of Sego Lily, Utah State Flower