Monday, May 18, 2015

FREE - LDS Mission Prep App - from Mormon Mom and BYU Professor

We share this great new campaign in hopes that many will find it to be helpful and useful.  Mormon Moms often have a way of seeing a need and...filling it.  We congratulate Julianne and her husband Kerry Muhlestein, and wish them the very best in this gift to others!  We're all about service as our site, too, has been a labor of love!
Julianne Muhlestein, a Mormon Mom with 6 children, from Orem, Utah, was inspired by an experience she had while preparing her oldest son for a mission. She spent her own money to begin a project to create a free missionary prep challenge app to get LDS youth excited about preparing for a mission.  

The app is a game of fun and unique challenges (similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge that went viral) that works within a youth's existing Facebook friends network as well as other popular social media networks.  Youth accept challenges from friends and in turn, challenge other friends to complete the same challenges. Completed challenges are rewarded with badges and points and youth can compete with other youth using the app.

Youth Challenges Game for LDS Mission Prep.

Julianne has worked tirelessly for several months, assisted by her husband, a religion professor at BYU, and other faculty, parents of youth, and many other youth to make sure the challenges are engaging and exciting enough for teens to become engaged, yet still very effective at preparing them for the challenges of full time missionary service.

The project has created a lot of buzz and excitement in her ward, stake and community. With all of the feedback, the project has grown into something beyond her own means and the volunteer efforts of many other to complete without additional funding. No one will make a profit from this project - it will be a free app.

Share with youth and friends; and...donate to help in this wonderful project.

Julianne has launched a Kickstarter campaign to increase awareness for the project and to raise additional funds necessary to complete it, which launched this afternoon.

Details and a video of the campaign can be found at:  KickStarter:LDSMissionPrep