Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Miracles of Tithing

Many of us can attest to the miracles that follow heeding of God's commandments.

Here's a new short film from an LDS filmaker based in Toronto, Canada, about a miracle one family experienced as they, on a very limited income and not knowing how they'd make it through the month, paid their tithing.  It's entitled "Prove Me Now" and is a precious story of faith.

We don't often know how our prayers will be answered or what we'll learn from the trials we experience but, as one who also knows, I share my witness that the Lord does answer our prayers and that tithing is one of the greatest blessings that we have.  It takes faith (not money) to live the law fully, but the blessings that come from it, often spiritually strengthening, far outweigh any sacrifice we are called to make. 
Editor's Note: I receive many requests to share LDS products and have really had to learn to say 'no' to most, as I just couldn't keep up with the demand and I'm very particular as to what I'll share with my audience.  But, this filming group has a desire to "create faith-based films to help strengthen families and communities" and are trying to increase their outreach and funding, so...I decided to help.