Thursday, February 5, 2015

For Mothers Who Want to Be Home but Must Work

Most of us desire the ideal; a loving home with supportive husband.  We're instructed in such so that we may strive for it.  But sometimes, due to death or divorce or other circumstances, the mother is required to work outside of the home for a time.  This is the exception, not the rule, and the Lord has promised His added blessings for those who are in this situation. 

Here is comfort and instruction for those who must work outside the home.  Hopefully, it will bring peace to those who struggle and added strength to endure particular trials.  Yet, for those who are able, please continue to seek to be at home for your children, where you are needed MOST!

I am aware that many of you often find yourselves in circumstances that are not always ideal. I know this because I have talked with many of you who, because of necessity, must work and leave your children with others—even though your heart is in your home. To you go my love and sympathy for your present, and I hope temporary, situation and my prayers that you will be blessed by our Heavenly Father to compensate for a situation that is less than you may desire.

I recognize that some sisters are widowed or divorced. My heart is drawn to you who are in these circumstances. The Brethren pray for you, and we feel a great obligation to see that your needs are met. Trust in the Lord. Be assured He loves you and we love you. Resist bitterness and cynicism.

I also recognize that not all women in the Church will have an opportunity for marriage and motherhood in mortality. But if you in this situation are worthy and endure faithfully, you can be assured of all blessings from a kind and loving Heavenly Father—and I emphasize all blessings.

Solutions for you who are in a minority are not the same as for the majority of women in the Church who can and should be fulfilling their roles as wives and mothers.  - Benson

My precious son at age 3
"A child needs a mother more than all the things money can buy".  -Benson