Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why I LOVE Southern People

My daughter, Amber, was interviewed last month by Alex of Prepare To Serve (he is doing SO much good in the world) about her mission to Virginia and North Carolina. 

This evening I've been watching the newly posted You Tube videos in gratitude of how the Lord makes of us something much more than we could ever make of ourselves.  All of us need that; to grow, progress, learn and overcome.

I share this by way of love for the goodness of the Southern People and my gratitude that the Lord allowed my daughter the opportunity to serve (miracles with that) and...that she came home better, stronger, more refined and the young woman whom she was meant to become.

Where ever our missionaries serve they grow to LOVE the people.  What a gift that is.

Here's a short clip that I hope will bless someone's life.  I share it by way of gratitude and...with an invitation for all who have missionaries preparing to view Prepare To Serve.  Alex has been inspired to do what's he's doing and...our support of him is also our support of his desire to help share these things with others.