Saturday, January 17, 2015

The $4.00 'Sacred' Shoes (Please give to those in need)

A number of years ago my son turned 12.  It was a special time for him both physically and spiritually.  Age twelve brings new opportunities for growth in a variety of ways for boys.  In the scriptures we read that '12' is symbolic in several ways.

So...we took this seriously and...I prayed for help as to how to best love and support him during this time.

For us, the most important part of all is that he would receive the Holy Priesthood of God; the power to act in God's name as a 'deacon' in the 'Aaronic Priesthood'.  This was important to me him.  He would be able to pass (distribute) to the congregation - the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper; the symbolism of the Lord's sacrifice for us all.

I took this to be very sacred and tried to prepare him as best as I could for this Holy Calling.

In the meantime, his birthday was approaching.  What would be an appropriate gift to commemorate this special occasion for him?

I wanted for him to be prepared and ready to serve.  He needed new shoes, really.  He had no appropriate shoes for the Sabbath.   And, I only had $4.00 to my name; truly. 

With a sincere and broken heart I approached the Lord in prayer.  I expressed a specific need and asked for a specific blessing.  This prayer was not just a want for me - but, I felt it was also something the Lord desired for us.  He wanted Andrew to understand this sacred event and the importance of reverencing the Priesthood.  And, I felt, that Andrew would be walking on holy ground and our sacrifice was that we needed to find a way to help him do that.

After my prayer I was told to 'wait a few days'.  Three days later the Spirit then told me to 'go to D.I. now and your prayer will be answered.'  I went right away.  And, sure enough, there on the shoe rack, amongst the hundreds of other shoes, were Andrew's new black Sunday Shoes.  They were all shiny and had barely been worn and...for $3.75.

I didn't cry in the store, but, was filled with the Spirit of the Lord in gratitude for His answering my humble prayer.  He knew that I was a single-mom who had lived on very little for a long time.  He also knew that I was a woman of faith who was sincerely trying to do His will.

I'll never forget this spiritual experience and sacred answer.  It's meant more to me than all of the other riches in the world; for a $4.00 pair of shoes was a gift from God.  It came in answer to sincere and humble prayers - done in righteousness.

I ask for you all to consider on your own blessed and happy state.  Do you have things in your closets to give to those in need?  There are MANY out there who don't have 'sufficient'.  If we hoard things - then, the Lord can't bless them - or us - in that way.

Someday I hope to meet the sweet mother who was inspired to take those shoes to D.I. that day.  My greater thanks was to God for providing them - but....He was able to work through her - and she chose to heed.  I hope she felt of my love and appreciation - because I offered it.

Sometimes I'll keep things in my car trunk - for charity - until I feel the time it right to donate them.  I always ask the Lord to guide me in my life; to help me live more simply, and to help me get rid of things that I really don't need and that someone else might.

He truly is at the Helm.  He guides this work.  We are His servants and He will help us know how and what to do if we will but listen.

Andrew - a few days before his ordination - 2008

A few years earlier (before his baptism) at age 8
Cute little pill
Precious Child