Thursday, January 29, 2015

Son's Missionary Clothes Stolen

I debated about posting this but...thought it could be a good lesson for us all.

My son has been in the mission field less than two months and...on Monday, had all his new white mission clothes stolen from the laundromat in their building.  I don't know details but think this hasn't happened to anyone there before - or they'd have been more aware of it.  He got permission to call Tuesday so that I could hurry and send him some more.  He'll be in the same underclothing for 5 days.  :)

I know it was a bit of a shock to him - especially since he's in Idaho, not some distant country.  He hadn't expected it - but, then, who of us does?

Tuesday afternoon I ran to gather him new shirts and underclothing, and the people at both places I went to were kind, and helped me get what we thought we needed without him being here to give exact sizes.

At Mr. Mac, in Orem, they were especially helpful.  They gave us a discount - due to our circumstances and the fact that his items were only two months old.  I really appreciated them and left the store feeling they really were there to help people.

Miracles have come from this event.  I won't list them here but I will say that the Lord is mindful of his precious missionaries and...their families.  He was good to us and helped me to know that though things don't always seem to be 'right' - the Lord can turn them around and help us to learn from them. And, those lessons, can be life-changing.

I've wondered what I could learn from this and have sought to know more.  He's taught me some precious truths which are too personal to share on here but...I also thought of the following:

The Lord will come 'as a Thief in the Night' when He returns.  What this means to me is that many people won't be ready or prepared for Him.  They'll be busy caught-up in other things that they may not see or be watching for the signs of His return.

Also, The Lord taught us to seek for treasures in Heaven - not on earth.  Early church missionaries often went without 'purse or script' - depending wholly on the Lord working through faithful others' to help them on their path.

In a big way, we're still that; dependent upon God and one another. We're here to learn how to serve and help each other.  I think that the best help I can give to anyone else is my testimony of the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, His role in our lives, how having faith in Him is our best guide and protection His truths change us and heal us.

With much love!