Friday, January 9, 2015

Beautiful Planet - We Lived with God Before We Came Here

I'm struck, this year in particular, with the glorious photos that show the beauties in nature.  It's a gift from God to us, His children, as we learn and grow and develop during this phase called 'mortal life'.

It's not the beginning of our existence (we lived as Spirits before we came here) nor will it be the end, thankfully, (we will live again after this life) but.... it certainly is the MOST IMPORTANT part; where we will decide if we will follow Him and Keep His commandments; thereby living by faith.

If we remembered all that happened before we came here this life would not be our 'test' to see if we'll obey.  But, we did forget and it's all for a reason.

My hope is that all of us, all of my brothers-and-sisters across the world (for, yes, we are all spirit children of the same Heavenly Father) will choose to follow Him and live in His Light.  It's the only place for true joy, peace and happiness.  (Most of us have experienced the opposite to know for ourselves that 'wickedness never was happiness'.)

I invite all to decide now to Follow Him; Learn of Him and Walk in His ways.  In that way, we will all be able to be together again someday, in the next realm, where 'sadness and sorrow' will be gone and joy replacing it for those who chose His ways.