Monday, November 10, 2014

I Don't Post Everyday:

I don't post everyday.  In the beginning, years ago, I did post a bit more often.  But, this particular site was started as a place where Mormon Moms could intermingle, share with one another, and read each others' blog posts (see right hand side of site - part way down.)  We have over 600 bloggers on here - and each time they post they are automatically updated to the top of the list.  This provides a way for all to be seen and for things they share to be read by others. 

I hope that this site has served that purpose; to help regular bloggers be read more often.  Sometimes bloggers wonder if anyone reads or even sees their posts.  Often, they don't as there are over 40 million blogs in cyberspace.  Well, this list provides that opportunity since we are a 'hub' site and have more activity than most 'single' sites.

That being said - I also know that I am not a writer.  Well, I'm not a writer in the sense of incredible writing abilities - but...all of us have something to say and...all of us have stories to share; things we've learned in life that have helped us and may boost someone else.  That's my desire and I hope I've done that in some way - through my several blogs and as a 'connector' as I think that's been my role on here. 

Thanks for all who read and have read and...for all who come to just drop by and see what we're doing.  Many don't leave comments but...they ARE looking as we have quite a large viewership and it continues to grow.