Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad - 55 Years of "Wedded Bliss"?

I asked my dear Mother, to write her feelings about her special day November 25th, 2014, her 55th Wedding Anniversary with my Father.  Life has not been perfect.  They've had lots of ups-and-downs.  But, their faith in God has helped them endure the trials and appreciate the blessings.  

Mom and Dad on 50th Anniversary

What Mom won't tell you is that she's had diabetes for over 45 years and, the results of that over the past 10 years have been several back surgeries, nearly constant 'neuropathy' pains and...the inability to walk very far.  She hurts most of the time, sometimes severely, but is patient, understanding, kind, and loves all people.  Though she's told me that she feels badly that she can't do as much as she used to (who of us can?) I remind her of all the good she continues to do.  She writes birthday, sympathy, and welcome cards for the local Home Owner's association, keeps up with all the doings of her grandchildren on Facebook, teaches Sunday School to adults in our church congregation, and continues to write in her online journal everyday. (She has kept volumes of journals with details that could fill a small library.)  Whenever any of us need a historical date, good article, or clipping for something, we call Mom.  She's a walking encyclopedia of sorts. 

With Great-Grandson, Rory
We've been blessed to have her as our Mother and honor her on this special day.  She's worked hard in her marriage and home - to teach, love and serve.  She's been a blessing in our lives and we know that, because of her, many of us have been blessed in the righteous rearing of our own children.  

In her own words:

All I ever wanted as a child growing up was to be a wife and a mother.  When I fell in love and realized that I was going to have my dreams realized, my happiness couldn’t be adequately described.  When our first baby boy was born, my joy was indescribable.

Wanda and Dell (Dad was an Engineering Professor)

Today I celebrate 55 years of "wedded bliss" with my best friend and husband, Dell.  No one who lives in the real world  believes that “wedded bliss” is a daily description of marriage!

Marriage isn’t easy!  It isn’t all roses!  Thorns and thistles are real in every marriage experience.  How we look at those obstacles makes all the difference in the success or failure of a marriage. 

At Grandson's Wedding: Mike and Cindy

Our 55 years have been an incredible journey of discovery, loyalty, and growth! I am grateful for the eternal perspective the gospel of Jesus Christ entails. When I knelt across the altar of the Logan Temple in November of 1959, I made covenants for eternity, not just for this life. At that moment, neither my husband nor I could possibly foresee the challenges, the trials, and the tests that awaited us.  But our commitment to stay true to those covenants has never wavered. 

With her darling sisters:  Wanee, Eva Fay, Mom (Wanda) 

Mom (Wanda) and her Twin Sister, Wanee

How grateful I am for the understanding I have of the purpose and meaning of this mortal existence.  I have that knowledge because of the gospel.  When the tests have come, and when we have treated them as opportunities for growth, our love for each other has deepened, and our resolve to become more united has strengthened our relationship. 

With Granddaughters- Becca and Rachel -  BYU Graduation - 2014

Our family of 8 children has deepened our love for each other, for them, for their spouses and their children. Family is our most significant blessing,  and contemplating an eternal family unit gives us joy beyond comparison.

Mom and Dad, Eight Children, 36 grandchildren (2 in heaven)