Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sacred Temple Clothing - Mormon Garments

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) recently released this short video explaining about our wearing of sacred clothing as part of our worship of the Lord; similar to things done in other churches.

I invite you to watch this short clip which explains in a beautiful and concise way, our wearing of something that is very meaningful and special to us - and which reminds us of the promises we've made to God and the way in which we desire to live our lives; honestly, cleanly and purely.

I'm grateful that the Lord teaches us through symbolism - as He did in ancient times.  These are reminders of covenants similar to those in the Old and New Testaments; where the people were taught certain things to help remind them of other things.

Thomas Carlyle once wrote: “It is in and through symbolism that man consciously or unconsciously lives, works, and has his being. Those ages, moreover, are accounted the noblest which can best recognize symbolical worth, and prize it the highest.” (In Maurice H. Farbridge, Studies in Biblical and Semitic Symbolism, flyleaf.) It should not be surprising, then, that symbolic language and imagery should play a central role in religion, which is concerned with man’s eternal destiny. Religious ordinances and rituals are deeply symbolic, and the scriptures, which contain the word of the Lord revealed for His children, abound with similes, metaphors, parables, allegories, types, and symbols. The symbolism is so profound and so extensive that if one does not have an understanding of the meaning of that symbolism, many of the most important and satisfying truths will be missed.  Symbolism