Friday, September 19, 2014

The Number of Prayers We 'Answer'

I'm grateful for answers to prayers.  They've come to me, over a life-time, in different ways.  Some were small, and hints of ideas or inspiration, some were larger and more sure.  But, they've all blessed my life and helped me along the path we call mortality.

Sometimes we're the answer to someone else's prayer either through service, a kind word, a prompting heeded, a message delivered, a hug given or a smile rendered.  It's very rewarding when we know that we're the answer to someone else's need.  There is no greater joy than helping a fellow traveller.

Other times we need our answers to be met and...during those pleading or longing times we are grateful for someone who will come to our aid - by their heeding the call.

In my life I know that I've needed the help from others' from time to time.  I've often been deeply grateful for those who felt to help me or my children.  Sometimes that support has brought me to tears.  For it, and all kindnesses shown to me over a lifetime, I'm grateful.

Life can be very hard and present us many challenges.  Kindnesses, love, support, empathy, and encouragement along the way are helpful and appreciated by most of us.  I hope that we can continue to love and care for those along our paths.  For, I believe, we'll be judged according to how we treated our fellowman and..we'll reap either joy or sorrow for those choices.