Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stress Usually Comes From Letting Unimportant Things Into Our Lives

"Stress does not usually come from slow traffic, bad news, or hectic schedules.  It comes from letting so many unimportant things into your life that you do not have room for the important ones.  If you let too many things into your schedule, it is hard to spend time with your sweetheart (or other loved ones).  The result is that you get a little too businesslike, rushing past each other from one unimportant chore to another.  Maybe you even get a little irritated if the one you love keeps you from doing something.  That is not good, and it is not courageous.

"Admit what is important and then give it the time it deserves.  Admit what is NOT important and then refuse to lavish precious time on it."

Letting Him In, p. 205