Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Get Rid of Things You Do Not Need

One of my favorite things is to have order and peace.  It's not always that way when I'm surrounded by 'stuff and things', paperwork, other people and their things and...moving from a larger space to a smaller one.

Recently I've been downsizing (again) and...it's 'freeing'.  I hope to be able to maintain a simpler lifestyle - getting rid of past 'stuff' and making way to be able to serve better because I'm free from clutter, past energies, things that no longer serve a purpose in the here and now and...any amount of materialism.

My friend Tomas recently told me "all we really need is a bed and some food to eat."  That's a simplified version but very telling and pretty accurate as to the counsel we've been given from church leaders and, even, the Lord himself.

Anyway, today I found this little section that I just love.  It rings true to me as if I could have written it myself; though he does a much better job than I could have.  It's worthy of all our study.

With love,

Excerpts from his excellent book "Inviting Him In" by Wayne E. Brickey:  (pgs. 206-207)

Clutter is not just about things; it is also about space.  Like time and money, we have a certain amount of space to spend, and we want to spend it on what is important.  Our frame of mind will be better if our homes and yards and garages and offices are clean and well-kept.

Get rid of things you do not need.  If you do not use it, or if it is broken and you are not going to fix it right away, or if you really do not have room for it, remove it from your life.  One of our worst enemies is anything that impedes our lives.

You ought to look around and see reminders of your purpose in life.

"What do I need to keep" is usually better than "what should I get rid of?"

Few facts, papers, and objects that come to you in this world are worthy of your time or space.  Fear clings; faith lets go.  Remember how hard it is to open a door when your hands are full?  You are in this world primarily to open doors.

Remember the handcart pioneers.  Some of them took so much with them that they could not quite finish the journey.

Set your house in order, not just your things.  It does little good merely to rearrange stuff or repack it in new ways.  That organizes the stress but does not remove it.  To set a house in order is to make it available.  Try to match your home with your purpose in life.  That is what the Lord's house does.  Everything there matches its purpose.