Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Special Needs: Actors Shine in "Little Mermaid"

My precious little cousin, Holly, is featured in this recent Deseret News article about a theater company in Centerville, Utah, that offers a free 'Friend to Friend' program for those with special needs who are interested in Theater.

The photo says it all.  The joy of these precious souls is reflected in their beautiful countenances.

I have learned MUCH from Holly.  She is close to the Lord and close to the veil.  Her love radiates to all whom she encounters.  We have all been blessed by her life and...are so very grateful for our understanding of God's plan for His children and how we are each able to learn important life lessons from one another.  She's an example to me of 'what matters most'. 

Sweet "Holly Welch' shines on-stage!

I've come to know for myself that often the things that seem to be our greatest challenges; are often, also, our greatest blessings.  That's been the case in my life and, perhaps, in the lives of many of you as well.

One thing I do know is that we can find joy and happiness - no matter our circumstances.  The answer is in the Light of Christ and in doing the things that He'd have us do.  There is NO other way to peace or lasting joy.  (I write this reminder in behalf of one of my children who is struggling and, perhaps, needs a reminder of the value of her soul and her divine heritage.)