Friday, July 4, 2014

Old Jamestown 1607 - Our Community Celebration

Happy 4th of July!

My daughter and I just returned from visiting our local city celebration commemorating Colonial 1607.  It was wonderful to be reminded of the great skills and craftsmanship that were developed as the settlers worked towards survival.  We gained a renewed appreciation of the Freedom's we now enjoy because of the sacrifices of so many who have come before us.

My oldest daughter is serving a mission in Virginia.  Her first area was "Jamestown".  I told her to appreciate it as it was an area filled with history, to which I've never been.  Of course, as a missionary, that was not her focus and...rightly so.  But, I was grateful that she was able to serve there and, I hope, as she returns home and continues her education, the history of this great nation will be more near and dear to her heart.

We took photos from some of the booths/displays presented today in Orem, Utah as part of America's Freedom Festival.  I felt it was a very poignant way to spend some time on this special day.  I am deeply grateful for my liberties (I spent a year and a half in a third world country and learned, firsthand, what we have here) and...all of the sacrifices of so many.  I hope and pray that we will continue to be grateful and to recognize that Elder L. Tom's Perry's comment is true that: "Freedom is not a spectator sport".  We need to be involved and to stand up for correct principles or else they may be lost.