Monday, June 16, 2014

Modesty in Dress, Language and Behavior

I have a child who has struggled a lot with the disobedience of her peers; those who have been taught better but choose to disobey.  They often attend church, work, and school, dressed immodestly and speaking unkindly towards others'.  

This child has sought diligently to know how to best be strengthened when, it seems, so many around her are choosing the wrong way.

She knows that there are some, like her, who want to do what's right.  She has sought to find some of them so as to not feel so completely alone as a teenager.  Yet, they seem to be fewer and further between.  

We've discussed the importance of loving others' even when they do wrong and yet, standing in holy places and doing what we know to be right.

I sometimes struggled with this myself as a teenager.  I often wondered if I was the only one who didn't date before I was 16 and who didn't watch 'R' rated movies (standards taught by Prophets of God.)

As the world continues to ripen in iniquity, we, as parents, must continue to help strengthen our homes and families.  This is done by having the Spirit of the Lord in our hearts and home and by teaching our children the truths they hunger for.

In my recent studies I found this beautiful article about modesty in dress, language, and behavior, and how that can contribute to our becoming more like the Lord, doing His will, and being filled with His Light.  There is NO other way to accomplish that but by keeping His commandments.  These are some of them:

"As we learn to exhibit modesty as the Savior did, we welcome the Spirit into our lives, fulfilling the promise that “if your eye be single to [God’s] glory, your whole [body] shall be filled with light”. 

“Your words and actions can have a profound influence on you and on others. Express yourself through clean, positive, uplifting language and in actions that bring happiness to those around you. Your efforts to be modest in word and deed lead to increased guidance and comfort from the Holy Ghost....Our modest speech helps us bring out the very best in others.”

Let us seek to employ these correct principles in our lives and teach them to our children.  This is the only way we will be able to be the pure-in-heart and bring again Zion.