Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Joy and Fulfillment in Motherhood

Mothers who know who they are find GREAT joy and fulfillment in loving, raising, and teaching God's children.  Whether we have children of our own or are blessed to nurture and love in another way, there is peace and happiness when we are working towards the development and growth of others.

Mothers have been given special gifts of caring and concern and most have natural abilities in nurturing.

We each can take those gifts and strengthen them so that we can become better in all ways.

God, our Heavenly Father, has not left us to raise these children alone.  By his Spirit we are guided, directed and prompted as to the specific needs of each child.  He helps us know how to best support, lift and love those in need.

We would all do well to continue to study his words as we seek for the greater light and knowledge we need in order to effectively fulfill our challenging, but rewarding, responsibilties.