Friday, May 2, 2014

A Time of Urgency

We live in a day of Spiritual Crisis, says Elder Marvin J. Ashton.  Many have stopped their preparations or have, foolishly, thought that the Lord has delayed His coming.

I've blogged about Preparedness for many years as it's been dear to my heart.  I've felt to warn and forewarn by sharing what I knew to be true through what the Scriptures and Prophets had taught.

I know that many of you, a younger generation than mine, were not alive when some of these statements were made.  So, it's been up to some of us to share them with you.  I've taken that responsibility seriously and have done as much as I could to post these powerful messages of saving truths.  

So, PLEASE inform yourself.  PLEASE listen, study, hearken and heed their counsel.  The Coming of the Lord draweth nigh.  At some point it will be too late.  Temporal preparations are important.  Do as much as you can.  But, Spiritual preparedness is VITAL for our salvation.  Repentance is key to overcoming all things.  We get to learn how to forgive everyone of everything.  There is peace in that - even if it takes hard work (as in my case.)  But, it's all worth it and will be part of our ability to become Zion-like.  

For only those who are living a Zion law - can live in Zion.  This includes the Law of Consecration which I have come to love dearly in my many studies.

Turn off and the worldliness and "Come Unto Him."  This is the only way back home safely. 

Read messages and watch 4 powerful short videos on my PREPAREDNESS blog.  I promise that they are worth your time.