Tuesday, April 8, 2014

PLEASE Vote for Catherine Armstrong!!! Mobility VAN

Precious Catherine
My daughter is serving as a missionary in North Carolina and has recently been working with a dear family whose daughter was born with spin-bifida and is in need of an accessible van to help her get around.

I don't often ask for favors - but am asking for one now.  

Catherine Armstrong has applied to 'win' a vehicle - but needs our daily votes until the middle of May.  It's a simple thing each of us can do and could change her life (double votes for answering a simple question).

Will you consider reading about Catherine, her challenges, and yet her dogged determination to succeed and to become a teacher?  She's quite the marvel and..is a precious soul.

She has served many, many others and has opened the way for others with disabilities to also succeed.

If you'd PLEASE VOTE for CATHERINE and…pass this along - it would be GREATLY appreciated!  We can help someone in need to be able to do things that she can't do without transportation.