Monday, March 3, 2014

Use our GIFTS to BLESS others!

Truth enlightens us!
Last night I came across a passage of scripture that I've pondered on recently.  Apparently, I was to be
reminded of it again as it's come to my attention several times in the past few weeks.

Mosiah 8:18 "Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings."

Who of us would not like to be 'a great benefit' to our fellow beings?

We can't underestimate the power of faith and what it really is.  It must be centered in Christ and based on truth.  It may take a lifetime of study and works to come to understand faith at it's deeper levels - yet, it the most important thing that we can do as all things center in faith.

Recently I've been studying and pondering 'Lectures on Faith' again.  I've underlined nearly every passage.  :)  (For some reason underlining helps me learn and retain better.)  It's filled with truths that are opened to our understanding a bit at a time.  Our faith can avail much if we are humble, submissive and willing to do all that He asks us to do; including the sacrifice of all earthly things.

Let us develop greater faith so that we can then be blessed to work mighty miracles and thereby, be of 'great benefit' to our fellow beings.  And, if they are doing the same thing, think of the Zion-like society that it would be.