Monday, March 17, 2014

Importance of Gratitude

Today I've been thinking about the Importance of Gratitude.  Our dear Bishop was released last week and another put in his stead.  We have loved this man and he has blessed our lives tremendously.

As a single-parent I often rely on the leadership and strength of others' to help me raise my children.  Our Bishop was one of those.  He counseled with my children, helped me send one out on an LDS mission, helped another (son) to prepare by hiring him to work for him and mentored him side-by-side.

So, today my heart has been filled with gratitude for this man as well as for all others who have crossed my path and made it a little easier to tread.  It's been a rocky one for us and we are grateful for those who have lifted us with kindness and love.

It's our desire to do that for others.

I recall the statement 'Be Kind to everyone for you know not what burdens they are carrying'.

Gratitude helps me feel better.  It helps me look for the good in others and see the beauties around me that a loving Heavenly Father has created.