Thursday, January 16, 2014

Teach Them to Walk Toward His Arms

One mother who learned to put her trust in the arm of the Lord taught a son to do the same. Later, as a man bearing testimony to the power of prayer, he said: “It was through the example of my mother that I learned to depend on the Lord. Whenever we had an important decision to make, we would discuss the problem, and then my mother would say, ‘Now, let’s take it to the Lord.’ I often came home to find housework left at a standstill and my mother kneeling in prayer. Friends coming into the house sometimes asked me, ‘What is your mother doing?’ I would say, ‘She is taking a problem to the Lord.’”
His arms will be there when ours are not. Teach them to walk toward his arms.
For those who have not yet borne a child—exercise motherhood. Let your arms be an extension of the Savior’s in providing love and security for all his children. - Mary F. Foulger