Monday, November 18, 2013

Possible Retirement of this Site…..Mormon Moms Who Blog

I've been pondering on the retirement of this site.

I've worked on it for over 8 yrs. with the intention of posting positive messages that would strengthen and uplift.  I've spent thousands of hours adding people, learning how to do things, trying to make the site better a bit at a time, doing a FB group, G+, pinterest, twitter site.  I've recently had to learn how to make meme's and…lots of these technical things don't come easy for me.  :)  But, I've enjoyed the work and started it by way of strong prompting and…kept at it for the same reason.

Because it is an aggregate list of over 600 bloggers - it's received great viewership from around the world.  This has been gratifying to me and, I hope, helpful to the listed bloggers as well as readers searching for information.

Most of the bloggers don't realize that by being listed on an aggregate site - their own indexing by google is increased.  Since I've linked to them - they have a better chance of being seen and read.  I'm grateful for a few people who have expressed appreciation to me over the years.  I've appreciated that.
Most haven't and…haven't added my 'grab button' that I asked them to.  But, I haven't had the time to go back and ask them all to do so.  Motherhood, itself, is a full-time job.  :)

My desire when I started the site - was to connect Mormon Mom Bloggers who were sharing good and positive messages - into a place where all could connect and strengthen one another.  I've worked at it diligently as my part of my desire to use my gifts and talents in a positive way and with the goal of living a consecrated life to the best of my ability.

But, I'm a single-mom and…haven't made any income from the site.  I'm now at the point with one missionary out and another preparing to serve - that I can't keep up the work load (which includes a twitter acct., pinterest page, FB group, G+ page etc) without making an income.

I've been told by several sources that I need to feature a product in order to make money.  But, since my goal wasn't to make money, and since my 'product' is truth and correct principles - I've had to decide whether to 'market' on this site - and…sell something that I'm not sure you all need - or to do something else.

I'm still debating what to do.  I've given my all to make a place that could bless lives - yet, I've struggled in the process to provide for my own family.

I've looked for sponsors - but, to this point, haven't had success with that and….haven't had the time to follow through with it as I would have liked to do.

As I've searched diligently, in the light of Christ, as to what to do - I thought I'd at least share my thoughts and….see if there might be anyone out there who'd like to take over and….further this work.
The viewership is large and from all over the world.

This site could use technical expertise.  Some of us started blogging and continued to do so after Elder Ballard asked us to 'join the conversation.'  We did so out of the desire to participate in the furthering of the work of loving and serving others' while teaching correct principles, but, we also did so knowing our own limitations, expertise and…lack thereof.

So….if there are any of you out there who'd be interested in talking with me about this - drop me a line.

and..I hope that the work I've done has been of some benefit to some of you.