Monday, October 28, 2013

You're a 'Stay at Home Mom'? What do you Do All Day?

Have you ever been asked 'What do you do all day?"

Wow, what do people think?  Do they think we just sit on the couch - doing nothing?  What about laundry, dishes, meals, homework, friends, church callings, sports, lessons, helping children developing gifts and talents, teaching correct principles, family prayer and scripture study, family home evening, house-cleaning, chores, shopping, sewing, mending, broken hearts and 'owies', car maintenance and repairs, gardening, yard work, organizing, paying bills, doctor and dental visits, holidays, birthdays, parties, activities, vacations, reading, learning, progressing, growing, serving friends and neighbors, helping those in need, writing to missionaries, doing family history etc.

In my experienced opinion - stay-at-home Mom's often work longer and harder than most others'.  We really don't get time off or 'vacation days' per se.  There are always things to do and things needing to be done with few monetary rewards, kudos for a job well-done, raises, or 'advancements'.  Yet, most of us wouldn't trade it for anything else.  We do it because we love it, we love the Lord, we love the children He's entrusted to our care and...we KNOW - that 'no other success can compensate...".  We do it because it's needful and....part of our holy calling as women on earth.

It was gratifying for me to read an article my 80 yr. old mother sent to me recently.  It was nice to hear this from a young father who ....seems to know and appreciate what his wife does.  He's not LDS'll probably love his article.  I did.   Matt Walsh - You're a Stay-at-home-Mom?

Yay for him!  (She's a lucky wife.)  And...yay for all those who are either stay-at-home moms or who support moms who want and feel to be home raising the next generation.  It's the most important job in the world - not just from my opinion but....from the Lord's teachings as well as the teachings of countless church leaders and Prophets.