Friday, October 4, 2013

Rejoice and Fill the Earth with Kindness and Gentleness!

Each Mother is Special and Unique
Mary Ellen W. Smoot, former Relief Society general president taught: 
“Each of us has a vital role, even a sacred mission to perform as a daughter in Zion. … It is our destiny to rejoice as we fill the earth with greater kindness and gentleness, greater love and compassion, greater sympathy and empathy than have ever been known before. It is time to give ourselves to the Master and allow Him to lead us into fruitful fields where we can enrich a world filled with darkness and misery” - Rejoice, Daughters of Zion

Each family has different interests, talents, and enjoyments
Motherhood is next to Godhood
“I suggest that you … humbly ask the Lord what he would have you do and why you are uniquely suited to serve. Ask yourself questions like these: ‘What can I contribute?’ ‘Why was I chosen to be the mother of these children?’ ‘What can I do to strengthen the sisters in my ward?’ and so forth. We each have purpose and reason for being. Every sister has a thread to weave in the tapestry of time. Discover your thread and begin to weave” (Relief Society, the Possible Dream [address delivered at the 1998 Brigham Young University women’s conference]).

Families Can Be Together Forever