Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dealing with Mental-Illness

Don at age 16 - during happier times
I have a brother with schizophrenia.  He 'got it' on his mission to Chile when we was 20.  He's now in his late 40's.

We've dealt with this as a family for all these years and it's been very difficult.  If we don't laugh at some of the trials, we'll cry.  And..heaven knows we've all shed tears, mostly my mother.

Sometimes as parents - we have things that are not in our control.  They can challenge us to the depths of our souls.  We search for answers.  We seek the Lord in earnest prayer.  But, the trials are
not taken away.

In this recent conference we were taught that often the Lord doesn't remove the challenges, rather He helps us find the strength to press on and endure them.  Often this is just what is needed to help us become the stronger and more-refined souls that we need to become in order to be worthy and fit for His eternal kingdom.

As a mother of a child with special needs (we all have 'special needs') I've spent many, many hours in sincere prayer seeking for help, guidance, answers etc.  Over the years we've been lead to different people who have helped us - but it's come at great cost, sacrifice, and expense (which we often couldn't really afford).  But, as I look back I see how he's helped to refine and teach me in ways that I didn't think possible.

So, at this point, I've learned that the struggles and even suffering - are worth it.  We learn things that we couldn't learn in any other way and we are purified through the severe heat.

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