Sunday, September 15, 2013

BEST Ideas for 'Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy'

Family Togetherness
Here are some of the best resources on Sabbath Day Ideas and Activities for families who truly want to honor and respect the day and the Commandment to "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy".  We're blessed to be able to 'rest from the cares of the world' and refill our spiritual reservoirs.

Ideas, Activities, and Links:
Read and ponder the Scriptures.
Do topical scripture searches.
Read scripture stories, books, or podcasts.
Children's -- activities - videos -  scripture stories.
View Children's Book of Mormon Stories.
Prepare lessons for church or Family Home Evening.
Have Family Counsel meeting.
Write letters to family members, missionaries, friends.
Read books from or about the Prophets.

Learn about Ancestors.
Do Family History or Genealogy.
Write your own personal history or in your journal.
Record your testimony by way of tape or video or online.
Read Church Magazines.
Attend Church Meetings and fulfill callings.
Rest physically.
Learn about Jesus Christ
Visit the aged, the infirm, the lonely.
Sing hymns or listen to inspiring music.
Spend time in personal prayer, fasting.
Attain Father's blessings.
Prepare Simple Meals.
Share your faith on blogs or social media sites.
Listen to and counsel with children or spouse.
Pay tithes and offerings.
Fast for a purpose.
Play Reverent Sabbath Games.
Memorize Scriptures.
Do 'Scripture Mastery".
Prepare for Missionary Service.
Watch iTunesVideos, General ConferenceMormon Newsroom, or appropriate YouTube Messages.
Read Uplifting Verses from Book of Mormon.

The Sabbath is the Lord's day, a day to do His work. 
It's also a day for us to grow closer to Him by learning of Him, serving His children, and growing in faith and righteousness.

Attend Church Meetings
Partake of the Sacrament Worthily
Love and Care for One Another

Children attend classes called "Primary"

Other Excellent Resources:
Why are we commanded to Keep the Sabbath day Holy?
Ideas for LDS Youth
Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy - Earl C. Tingey
Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy - Ezra Taft Benson
Sabbath Day
Mormon Athletes - Keep Sabbath Holy
Keeping Sabbath day holy - lesson plan
A Season of Opportunity - H. David Burton
List of other resources for Children, Youth, and Adults

BEAUTIFUL TALK!!!!  "The Lord's Day" -- from President James E. Faust!