Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When Will Zion be Redeemed?

As some of you may know - I have several blogs that I've done over the years.  The one on Preparedness is dear to my heart as I've been a life-long student of Prophecy and Revelation concerning the Last Days, Second Coming of Christ, Signs of the Times etc.

I LONG for people to wake-up and heed Prophetic counsel.  We will 'rue the day' as President Benson said - if we don't heed the many warnings the Lord has given to us - so that we can be at peace during the coming days.

Today, I'm sharing a quote that I recently posted on that site - as...I feel it's important and applicable to us all.  We'd do well to put of the things of the world and make sure that our hearts and desires are set upon the things of God and not anything else.  He will help us do that - I so testify!

WHEN will Zion be redeemed?

"I prophesy to you, in the name of the Lord, that when the Latter-day Saints have prepared themselves through righteousness to redeem Zion, they will accomplish that work, and God will go with them.  No power will then be able to prevent them from accomplishing that work; for the Lord has said it shall be done, and it will be done in the due time of the Lord, when the people are prepared for it.  But when shall I be prepared to go there?  Not while I have in my heart the love of this world more than the love of God.  Not while I am possessed of that selfishness and greed that would induce me to cling to the world or my possessions in it, at the sacrifice of principle and truth.  But, when I am ready to say, 'Father, all that I have, myself included, is Thine; my time, my substance, everything that I possess is on the altar, to be used freely, agreeable to Thy holy will, and not my will, but Thine, be done,' then perhaps I will be prepared to go and help redeem Zion."  Joseph F. Smith, in Millenial Star, 18 June, 1894, pp. 385-86.

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