Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Thoughts and Prayers for Those in Tornado Areas

Today our sincere thoughts and prayers are for those affected by the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and surrounding areas.  Many have lost precious loved ones, homes, places of worship, schools, livelihoods  etc.  Most of us are far from those areas and unable to do much physically, but we pray for and want them to know that we care very much and will do what we can to help.

Photo from the Deseret News
Here's a link to the Red Cross site - where all can donate.  100% of the money goes directly to the cause.   Red Cross - Oklahoma City

We encourage all to do as they are able.
Prayers are appreciated.
Contributions are needed.
Humanitarian Aid is within the grasp of most of us.
Mormon Helping-Hands will most-assuredly be out there soon (if they aren't already) to assist!

Thank you for all the good that you all do!  We're in this together.  We have a commission from the Savior to bless and help and lift and serve our fellowman.