Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Just Build Up the Kingdom of God" - Glenn Beck

I was only in the car for 6 minutes this morning as I drove my 15 yr. old daughter to a class.  After I dropped her off I turned on the radio to hear Glenn Beck for my 3 minute ride home - which I often do - to get my fix for the day. (I love and appreciate that good man.)  It wasn't by chance that this occurred.  I'm grateful for miracles that the Lord provides each day!

He was sharing a brief message and then leaving for the day.  His thoughts centered around recent prayers at church as he diligently sought guidance and direction from the Lord (one of the reasons I love him so; and for the integrity of his heart.)

He talked of how he sincerely desired to know the Lord's will and that, as he prayed he received the witness to "Just Build Up the Kingdom of God, and everything else will fall into place."  Instead of continuing to vent the frustrations that so many feel - of our current domestic and global events,  he now will focus more on the things that matter most; and the peace and safety we can each feel as we turn to the Lord and away from pride and selfishness and anger.  He will still keep us informed, yet focus more on what we can proactively do to get our own lives in order.

My added witness is that things are happening quickly across the world.  As most of us who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and have studied diligently the signs of the times, the Second Coming of Christ, latter-day revelation from modern-day prophets, and scriptural passages that teach of global calamities for our time, these things don't surprise us.  What does is the seeming lack of concern from many who seem to need to 'awaken to their awful situation' and put on the full armor of God.

I've done many different blogs over the years.  All have been because of personal promptings and how to best use my gifts and talents to build up the Kingdom of God.  I've learned a lot since those first days of trying to figure out how to build a blog, and have developed many positive online connections across the world.  It's been a rewarding journey and one I did not know would happen when I first began.

All of my blogs are from my personal experiences and beliefs.  I haven't had time to keep them all up - but, they all still get hits and, hopefully, help people.  From my first, simple, beginnings they have included those on:  Preparedness,  Home Schooling, Local Home-SchoolingMy Personal Life, Home-Management, and now Women of Light and LDS Power Bloggers (which I'm hoping to turn over to someone else.)