Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free from Worldly Traits and Attributes

I am not sure where this message came from as I found it in my files and it's just a copy of a section of a page, but I am thinking it's probably from a lesson manual of some kind, given me to read during a church meeting in the past.  No matter the source - it's filled with light and truth and I've been pondering upon it all week.  This morning I felt to share it.  Enjoy!

"It is manifestly impossible to walk in holiness before the Lord without the edifying presence of the Holy Spirit.  Only by the power and influence of spiritual gifts conferred upon covenant people of the Lord can anyone be holy and free from worldly traits and attributes.  No one can speak, listen, view or participate in the ways of the world and still maintain a spiritual attitude of holiness and worthiness.

Forsaking the world is not accomplished at some instant in time when making a covenant.  That is but the beginning of a lifetime objective of keeping covenants by faithfully striving and enduring to the end in order to ultimately overcome the world and receive the Lord's promised blessings.

Though all of us face unrelenting challenges and temptations, possess wearying weaknesses, and live with an abundance of imperfections, still the Lord provides the encouraging and uplifting strength and power the Lord provides for those who sincerely seek to keep His commandments."