Friday, March 15, 2013

Mormon 'Mommy' Blogs...

Larry Richman of LDSMediaTalk shared an insight today about blogging in the church and he tossed out the question as to whether 'Mommy' blogs are part of fulfillment of prophecy.

I would suggest that, yes, they very well might can be.  We have been blessed with technologies that allow all of us to share the things we've learned with people of all walks of life across the globe. And, we have been instructed to 'join the conversation' as well as to 'strengthen our own homes and families.'

Though some of us have passed the 'mommy' stage and don't really consider ourselves to be numbered amongst that group - we do know that the noble role of womanhood is an honorable and important one and we seek to continue to bless and strengthen our families as we also serve in the church and community, teach, lead, work, raise children and grandchildren, or strive for those blessings of home and family life.

Thanks to all of you for the good that you do.  You may be touching more lives than you know!

Heidi G.
Founder, MormonMoms