Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Higher Standards

For many years I've been concerned about those in the church who buy into the standards of the world.  As a long-time lover of President Benson and his straight-forward teachings I share the following messages about things of good report.

"Youth leaders, are you holding aloft our standards, or have you compromised them for the lowest common denominator in order to appease the deceived or vile within the Church?  Are the dances and music in your cultural halls virtuous, lovely, praiseworthy, and of good report (Article of Faith 13), or do they represent a modern Sodom with short skirts, loud beat, strobe lights, and darkness?

"Promote only good literature and music in the home.  Introduce your children to the best in art, music, literature, and entertainment." 

"....our young people should not enter into any activity if there is any doubt as to its propriety.  If you are living right, you will have the prompting of the Spirit which will tell you whether it is right or wrong.  Do not fail to heed that prompting, as I hope you will heed the counsel of your own parents and your leaders.