Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm big on 'simplifying'.  I think that most people have too much stuff (or waaaay too much stuff) and that it leads to all sorts of confusion, overwhelm, stress, frustration when one can't find something, and....lack of peace.
Follow the 'Son'

In my years of planning and ....attending seminars on organization, home-management, child-rearing, etc. I have come to really know for myself that 'less is more'.  It opens up channels of freedom for new experiences and ....spending time on things that matter most at present.

Years of study and pondering have also helped me to know that if we are to become a Zion society - we must not have our hearts set upon things of this world.  We are to 'let go' of things and put our hearts upon serving God and building His kingdom.  That is more difficult if we are too busy managing our 'stuff'.

A few years back my sweet nephew (probably then about 6 yrs. old) prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for his 'stuff and things'.  It was tender and sincere.  He lived in a small place with little of material goods - and, was thankful for all that he had.

We are to be grateful for what we have.  That's a God-like attribute.  In fact, I remember President Howard W. Hunter saying once something like "a happy person is a grateful person".  It stuck with me and I have tried to be much more grateful since that time.

The first blog I ever did, years ago, was on home management and organization.  I look back at it now and sort of laugh.  It was simple and yet well-intended.  And, it was a training ground for me to try to learn how to blog and use technology to spread good things.

Since that time I've done several other blogs with unique purposes.  I've sought to follow promptings as how to best use my time, talents and energies for good.  It's been a 'training ground' of sorts - as to how to let-go of some expectations, heed promptings, and do what I could - a bit at a time.

My desire for us all is that we'd let go of 'too much stuff' (physical and emotional), turn to the Lord for help in all things (including that 'letting go'), trust in Him and follow ALL the promptings He gives to us (as they lead us back to Him), simplify too much busy-ness so that we can progress forward and not hold-on to the past (whether emotional or physical stuff.)

This morning a friend wrote on her Facebook page "I got rid of all my old Jr. High yearbooks."  She felt good about that as she hadn't looked through them for years and....they were not needful for her anymore.  One response was 'oh, how sad'.  I smiled.  I know this friend well.  She lives close to the Lord and has learned how to cleanse herself from 'old energies' that often hold people back.

If we all needed to hold on to all things from Jr. High - we'd probably be in a bad way.  It's sort of like a house filled with 'stuff'.  We can't possibly keep and display every single thing from all of our years of life.  It's 'freeing' to move on, learn from the past and move forward into the future.

As for myself, I have loved to lighten the load.  We've moved a lot - so, I've had that opportunity perhaps more than most.  But, even then, I know that things are coming into my home frequently, and that I need to have them going out - perhaps as frequently.

People grow and change sizes.  Children can't wear clothes from younger years and we'd do well to give those to others' in need.  Donating to thrift stores is a good feeling and, I believe, the 'right' thing to do.  I believe that if we will give of what we don't need - to someone who does - that the Lord will bless us with 'sufficient' in the day thereof.

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