Saturday, January 5, 2013

10 Questions - Preparing for a Mission

New Book by Benjamin White - "Preparing for a Mission"

This new release from author, and seminary teacher, Benjamin White - comes at a meaningful time for those seeking to ready themselves for missionary service.  It answers basic yet pertinent questions such as:  Do I Have a Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?, Do I Have “An Eye Single to the Glory of God”?,  Am I Ready to Work Hard for Over Sixty Hours a Week?,  Do I Understand How to Feel and Recognize the Spirit?, Am I Clean and Worthy to Represent the Lord?...

In response to my question of 'why did you write this book' - Brother White responded this way: "After listening to Elder Ballard's "Greatest Generation of Missionaries" talk 10 years ago in conference, I began to think about how I could help the youth better prepare for their missions. This book is the culmination of that initial thought. I sincerely hope it will help our young people prepare earlier and better than ever before as they start one of the great journeys of their lives.