Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Reunion Sharing Idea - New Year's Party

This year my son and his 16 yr. old cousin were asked to spearhead the annual family New Year's Party.  We usually hold it at a church where everyone can fit. 

In the past we've started off with an 'ice breaker' game of sorts.  Last year it was 'guess who you are?' and a sticky label with the name of a character from history or books or movies or relatives etc. was placed on our backs.  We had to ask questions to find out who were were - and...only one question per relative was supposed to be asked.

This year, it came down to the last minute, and my son asked for my help.  So, as I pondered on it yesterday I decided that I wanted the event to also be a place to learn from one another and go home with ideas and added strength.

So, I compiled this list for our 30 minutes of wisdom.  Since several families aren't able to attend this year - we're down to 27 people.  And, each with unique gifts and talents and wisdom to share.  We'll take 30 minutes after lunch - to share and gleen from one another.  Maybe this is an idea that would benefit others' - so...I decided to share.


This year we would like each of you to take ONE MINUTE to share some wisdom with the rest of us; something you wish everyone else in the family knew, a skill, talent, testimony, activity etc.  What could bless everyone else and help along their journey?  Since we each have unique gifts and talents and answers to prayers– we know that we can learn from one another.  PLEASE prepare to share something.  It can be serious or funny – but, we hope, something of value.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:
-emergency preparedness tips, hints
-how to turn off gas etc.
-herbs, oils, sprouting, gardening
-sport tips, body strengthening
-dance or theater tips
-basketball skills, drills etc.
-mind strengthening, cleanliness
-music tips, conducting, singing etc.
-wise budgeting, tips, frugality ideas
-favorite quote from Prophet, Scriptures
-favorite hymn and why
-life lesson learned
-love languages
-home organization
-scouting; knots, safety, skills
-photography tips
-child care
-cooking tips
-cake decorating
-any hands-on skills, crafts, activities
-hair cutting tips
-car maintenance or care
-technological advances
-internet safety
-home maintenance
-safety in media
-becoming more childlike/submissive
-effective fasting and prayer
-health and well-being
-science tips, astronomy truths etc.
-educational philosophy
-parenting tips
-chores, work ethic, cleaning products
-modesty in fallen world
-scripture study tips
-how to help those in need, be more sensitive to others’, ETC.