Friday, November 16, 2012

Be Prepared for Whatever Lies Ahead

I have a blog called "All About Preparedness." In it I've listed quotes and Prophetic statements concerning the day in which we live and the preparations that must be made before the return of the Savior to the earth - in all His glory.  I invite you to read from the talks below and consider your personal and family preparations.  There should be peace in our hearts and homes and faith (not fear) as we go forward.  I hope all who read this blog will sincerely consider the importance of heeding counsel in this regard; that is where the peace comes from.  At some point it will be too late.  For now, it's not.  Get started and set goals with urgency and obedience in mind. 

 "We encourage you to be more self-reliant so that, as the Lord has declared, “notwithstanding the tribulation which shall descend upon you, … the church may stand independent above all other creatures beneath the celestial world” (D&C 78:14). The Lord wants us to be independent and self-reliant because these will be days of tribulation. He has warned and forewarned us of the eventuality".  Pres. Benson, 1980

"To the Boys and to the Men",  President Gordon B. Hinckley, 1998

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The Second Coming and the Millenium,  Joseph Smith

Signs of the Times

Preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ,  Wilford Woodruff

Signs of the Second Coming

The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Home Production and Storage

Home Storage

Family Home Storage; A New Message

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Basic Principles of Welfare and Self-Reliance,  2009

"Prepare Ye",   Ezra Taft Benson,  Jan. 1974