Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gratitude Bring Hope

Gratitude is a Hope Booster
My dear friend, Vickey, blogs at Goodness Matters.  She always posts things of Gratitude, Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, Faith, Fortitude, and Goodness.  Each time I read her messages I am moved by her faith and good cheer.  She's suffered many set-backs in life and is enduring some current huge issues of health (amongst other things.)

Her heart sings despite all her trials - and....maybe because of them.  She has overcome the world.

She helps me want to be better.  She teaches me that all these things are a test of our faith as well as a blessing to help us become more pure and refined.  They bring us closer to Christ - if we'll let them.

When Vickey posts - her message resonates with my soul for she teaches truth.  Even if she's writing about difficulties - she helps me see the power of Goodness that shines through them.  And...her message is one of Trusting in God, Learning of Him, Becoming like Him through the purifying process, and sharing His goodness with others'.

Thank you, Vickey, for your light, love and example.  Thank you for sharing Goodness with the rest of us!  Goodness Matters